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I have a friend who has recently taught me a serious lesson that I think maybe we all could use – either as a refresher course or to finally let in to our hearts and souls and minds. See, this … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name? Part 1

*I generally try to get my whole point across at once so this can be more devotional in nature than study.  Today I just couldn’t do that.  Sometimes my thoughts get bigger than my fingers.  Thank you for your forbearance!* … Continue reading

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Mimic This!

You are familiar with the game, right?  One of your children will say something and the next will repeat it in a snarky tone.  And back and forth and back and forth they go until someone gets annoyed and whacks … Continue reading

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Not to be Disregarded

Sometimes – ok, a lot recently – I find myself telling my girls, “Just ignore it!”  The “it” of course being all the annoying behavior that their brother seems to heap on them when he is in one of his moods.  … Continue reading

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